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 An Intro to Astrology

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An Intro to Astrology

Astrology is a science based on a set of principles that analyze our past, defined our present and predict our future. It is the study of planets and stars and their influences on our mind, body and Soul. Astrology can help a person get rid of many problems in life. As success and failures are the parts of our lives; astrology tries to predict the pitfalls for the failures and provides methods to overcome it. An astrologer can analyze any horoscope (birth chart) and prescribes the Astro remedies (like: Energized Astro Yantras, Gems, Rudrakshas etc.), which helps us strike the right balance and lead to harmony in life.   

Planets influence our mind and body!

Planet EffectThe whole universe is made of five basic elements:- Water, Air, Earth, Fire and Space. Each element has different properties and characteristics. These five elements are found in every creature of the universe in different proportions. If this proportion continues as per his division and do not get disturbed, problems cannot fall. But when planets change their positions or directions, the proportion of elements is also changed, because each planet has an element in access. The vibrations and rays coming from there also changed and tends to bring changes in our energy balance as well as our mental balance and influence our personal life.

Astrology is a scientific study and application of the language of these heavenly bodies:-

  • The seven main planets: the Sun, the Moon, the Mars, the Mercury, the Jupiter, the Venus and the Saturn.

  • Two shadowy (hypothetical) planets: 
    Rahu: The north node of the Moon (dragonís head).
    Ketu: The south node of the Moon (dragonís tail).

  • Some other planets: like- the Uranus, the Neptune and the Pluto.

PlanetsAstrology is widely used all over the world. People use it in different forms according to region and culture of the area. According to Indian Astrology the first nine planets (the seven main and the two shadowy planets) are the only important planets that defined most characteristics of our personality. 

These heavenly bodies determined on the basis of astronomy and mathematics and mapped in the form of a horoscope. Their specific position in the horoscope indicates specific happenings in the case of individuals. The main factors affecting the horoscope of any individual are Date of birth, Place of birth and exact time of birth. 

Indian Astrological findings are based on the Astronomical, mathematical and biological principles. This system has been explained as space-time connection. Within the space, there are four elements Air, Fire, Water and Earth each therefore attributes, sattva , Raja and Tamasa and make up 12 divisions in the nature. So the zodiac in which earth and all the planets are imprisoned by gravitation and revolve around the sun is divided by 12 clusters of stars or signs of the zodiac. In Indian astrology it is founded that nothing in the universe is stationery. In any case we consider ourselves in the central point with rest of universe in the constant motion around us. We, therefore, consider the position and movement of all the heavenly bodies in relation to earth itself.

As we know that there are twelve signs of the zodiac. One of sign rising happens to be the sign rising at the eastern horizon at the time of birth. This rising sign is called as lagna or Ascendant. The lagna happens to be the first house of horoscope. This means that signs and houses do not coincide. The first house has the label of sign rising at the time of birth, the second bears the label of sign that will rise next, and so on. The nine planets are the occupants of these houses. Each house represents certain characteristics. The sign falling in these houses also represents certain characteristics.

There are lots of rules, definitions and calculations in astrology, but our purpose is not to teach you the astrology. Our main purpose is to give an idea of astrology to those non-astrologer persons, who want to take the benefits of astrological services. And for that purpose it is not necessary for everyone to be an astrologer.   


Actually the universe is composed of many large and small objects vibrating at different energies. It is a constantly changing and moving unified whole, striving to achieve a dynamic balances of all the forces operating on it. All the humans, animals, plants, planets and stars are the vibrating bundles of energies interacting with each other and the whole cosmos. Because all these objects are vibrating at different energies and so creating electromagnetic fields and waves of different amplitudes and frequencies. Each event in the cosmos influences every other event so human being also transmitting and receiving electromagnetic energy. Every subatomic particle of our bodies, every cell, every gland, every organ, every system and especially our central nervous system are tuned to receive as well as to transmit irrational waves. Only planets are the large moving objects around us in comparison to our bodies. So whenever the planets change their positions or directions, the energy balance around us is disturbed. So we are influenced by this energy disturbance. This influence may be positive (i.e. in favor) for some persons and it may be negative for others. It depends on our energy level and personality types. Our personality types are defined when we are born and our body came the first time in the direct influence of nature and the planets.    

Astrology is the study of these planetary influences on human being. Astrology provides the methods to overcome these influences in our lives. There are some methods and remedies in our ancient Indian Vedic science that are used to remove the negative influences and increase the positive influences. Energized Yantras and Rudrakshas are the most effective remedies for this purpose that can be used by ordinary persons. These remedies help us to solve many personal problems and strike the right balance and harmony in life.

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Astro Remedies & Solutions for all the personal problems. 

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