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About Us

AstrologyPlus is a spiritual and religious non-profit organization dedicated to provide Astrological solution through Indian Astrology and supplying holy and religious items worldwide for use in Pooja, Healing and Self empowerment. These holy items are properly blessed and Energized by Pt. Narayana Sharma, a well known astrologer and expert in Mantra and Yantra from north India. We have a small team of genuine specialists in different fields, who are serving the peoples for more then 20 years. For us it is not only important what we offer for you, more important is that, "what is meaningful and useful for you".

Our Objective:

  • We find many fake persons, who are selling Yantras and Rudrakshas on Internet. Some of them do not know anything about Yantras but claims that, their Yantras are approved and energized. So to provides the energized Yantras to the internet users is our main objective.

  • To extend the benefits and knowledge of astrology beyond limits and to serve the mankind based on the principles of ancient Indian Vedic science.

  • To promote the Yantras and Rudrakshas for the benefit of the people by removing doubts from their minds about mysteries surrounding Yantras and Rudrakshas.

  • Our aim is to apply the principles of this ancient art and science and help people all over the world and understand themselves better.

  • We also want exchange of ideas on different aspects of astrology, and astrological remedies.

  • To share our views on ancient Indian spiritual sciences based on Vedas, Purans and Upnishad etc. We shares openly the secrets of self-knowledge and offers a unique opportunity to explore yourself, to know yourself, to love and celebrate your life in balance.

We are launching our self with this one of our most effective and powerful service (Energized Yantras). In near future we may provide our other services to the worldwide users.

Astro Remedies direct
from India, Energized by Specialist Indian Pandit.
Delivery in United States
of America (USA), United
Kingdom (UK), Canada &
all the major countries.

International Shipping
& Handling charges
$25 USD Only


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Astro Remedies & Solutions for all the personal problems. 

The yantra to have anything you desire. The Yantra that can change your life forever.

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